1. Saturday Night Live is not going anywhere.

    It is a show built on change. It is all about saying goodbye and welcoming the new.

    That can never change.

    Read, share and enjoy this essay on why SNL is here to stay. Also, farewell to the tremendous talents of Bill Hader, Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen and Seth Meyers and here’s to more great one’s to come.

  2. Is there anything that can only be learned in college?

    No, there isn’t.

    A major used to be an indicator of where one was going in life. It used to be  a clear set of skills that could make or break whether one was qualified for a job.

    But, these days?

    The image of college has changed. It is out of touch, out of step and almost out of style. The ivy, the frats, the quad, the clubs, and outdoor circle classes might all be a great, expensive experience of discovery.

    But, it is coming to mean less and less.


    They are now a brand. To subscribe to a major is to slap a preconceived notion or an archtype under a degree. It is not an indicator of skill, it is a way of profiling “Who am I?”

    To paraphrase Vonnegut: Be careful what you major in, because you are what you major in.

    Choose wisely. Know your brand. Sell it.

    Read, share and enjoy this essay on What Does the Modern Major Mean?.

  3. The Barkley Marathons are made with the intention that people will fail.

    Too often things are easy to get, easy to learn, easy to pick up and we expect success. So much is given, but so little is kept away, kept mysterious, kept distant and unattainable.

    The Barkley Marathons are the antidote.

    Nearly impossible to enter, surely impossible to finish, no prizes are promised, no directions are given, there are lies, tradition, and humility in the face of man verses nature.

    "You will fail," are three words we don’t hear enough.

    Read, share and enjoy this essay about finding the unattainable when it seems like an endangered species.

  4. Anyone can be a troll at one time or another.

    It is the way it is on the internet.

    Power-trips. Ideas with an audience. Posts to the masses.

    It’s all fun and games until somebody gets caught.
    Read, share and enjoy this essay about Justin Carter and the Troll in All of Us.

  5. A good podcast is a listening experience.

    It is a story. It is a conversation. It is time to think just for the sake of thinking.

    It is listening, something we don’t do enough of.



    It can make the world something connected beyond phone lines or satellites in ways you’d never dream possible.

    Read, share and enjoy this essay on good radio. It’s not dying, it’s just changing form.

    Enjoy my sketches of the 5 Podcasts Every Millennial Should Listen To.

  6. Why do we care about Walter White?

    Because he exists for us.

    We are entering a new creative age defined by a new take on the anti-hero. We  find ourselves invested in the lives of people who we do not expect to suceed. They will never come out on top, they are ambiguously right and wrong all rolled into one.

    Walter White, Don Draper, Dexter and even Liz Lemon are all offered to us as the new leading character. We follow their stories not because we want to see them win or lose (Liz Lemon might be a slight exception) but rather we want to see them…



                                          No strings attached.

    Welcome to the world beyond post-postmodernism.

    Please read, enjoy and SHARE this essay on our beyond post-postmodern anti-heroes.

    An essay is the best way to start your day.

  7. Well, here we are plugged in looking out.

    Wondering, “What was it like before all of this?”

    We are a species completely connected, our reality is in a created medium. We exist both in machines and out.

    Sure, we can unplug…


    We are only one step away from closing our accounts, signing out for good, disengaging, forgetting and hitting the road…


    We are completely capable of living outside of the internet…


    Enjoy this essay that examines the off-internet experiments of Baratunde Thurston, Paul Miller and Katherine Losse and share it. Are we really capable of leaving social media?

    Read the essay here.

    Support independent essays and enjoy the the collection of On the Road covers.

  8. Who is Pete Campbell?

    This coming weekend marks the season finale of Mad Men Season 6 and with it will come the rise of Pete Campbell.

    Overlooked, written-off and despised; Pete Campbell is a character in the midst of self-realization. No longer is he a relic of the past but finally a person in the present.

    He sees Bob Benson.

    He sees Don Draper.

    And he’s waiting…for what? Even he doesn’t know.

    Read, share and enjoy this character study of Pete Campbell. You can read the essay here.

    Follow the photos bottom to top, cue Janis Joplin.

  9. life:

    On this day in LIFE — June 12, 1964: In color: Ugly war in Vietnam

    Dear Chicago Sun-Times,

    You were right. Staff photographers are dead weight.


    A writer.

  10. "The real truth is just a plain picture." -Bob Dylan

  11. Do you see a story here?

    A good photographer doesn’t take a picture, he absorbs a moment and communicates it across time.

    Wayne F. Miller tells a story.

    Late last month, Wayne Miller passed away at the age of 94. This is my homage to him and what a good photographer is capable of.

    Enter the Chicago Sun-Times.

    While the memory of Wayne Miller lives on in his iconic collection of life in post-WWII Chicago, the Sun-Times have completely eliminated their staff photography department. All 30 of them.

    Pulitzer prizes and all.

    To cut staff photographers. Artist who have worked and imbedded themselves in a community to tell stories and document time are being phased out in favor of iPhones and “whatever else” writers have on them.

    Photos that have the power to change the world have been reduced to mere pictures.

    Please read and support this open letter to the Chicago Sun-Times and SHARE it. Photojournalism is one art form that tells the truth in the plainest way possible.

    You can read the open letter here.

    Enjoy and reblog, reblog, reblog.

    "The real truth is just a plain picture." -Bob Dylan

  12. Ah, the majestic lines of Mount Everest.

    As humans we suffer from the inability to always think freely. Sometimes, names and places and what “everyone else” is doing just seems too great and we too, find ourselves walking over a statue at Angkor Wat.

    With our free will comes the unique ability to decide what is great in the world we live in. What is worth our time. What invigoates and changes and transforms us into the beautiful creatures we have the potential to be.

    Too often do we opt to go for what we heard was the best or the biggest or the most beautiful without taking a minute to decide for ourselves.

    We live on a rapidly transforming planet that will never be the same again. With 7 billion people comes great responsibility. Mount Everest cannot be sought simply because one has the money to do it. With what natural and ancient wonders we have left, we individually must see beauty and the awesome everywhere.

    We have little choice left.

    To hike mindfully in the woods at the end of the city can be just as invigorating as the tallest mountain on Earth.

    Anything is for you. This is your world (our) world.

    Live in it wisely.

    Enjoy and please share this essay on the overcrowding of Everest among other things. An essay is the best way to start (or end) your day. Don’t count them out, especially one’s written for fun alone.

    Read the essay here.

    Thank you for your support!

    Where will you find happiness?

  13. Alderaan Had It Coming.

    Take a look at these films and think.

    What do the six most profitable films in domestic box office history (adjusted for price inflation) say about Americans and Canadians?

    What do the films we love really say about us? What do they give away about who we are?

    Or is a film just a film?




    Read, share and enjoy this list (yes, a LIST) about what the Six Most Profitable Films in domestic box office history say about us.

    You can read the article here.

    Please share it!

  14. The American craft beer industry is the growing heart and soul of what makes America so great.

    Are some of America’s regional craft brews the best in the world? Without a doubt. 

    There is an air of unchartered territory. The craft beer companies follow no lineage or ancient brewing techniques. There is experimentation, excitement, trial and error, and variation on old themes to create something new, original and local. They also present some of the most sustainable business practices in the United States.

    So in short, support your local beers, be proud of them and share them.

    These are a few of my personal favorites.

    For more on craft beers in America, enjoy this essay about why they’re so great. Long-form essays will never die! Read, share, enjoy and comment on the essay here.

    That being said, what’s your favorite craft beer?


  15. Enjoy.