1. Break the rules.

    It is necessary. Somewhere out there is a “No trespassing” sign with your name on it or a wall to spray paint or a boss to not listen to or a train to hop.

    There is a freedom on the edge, but there is also a clarity. Out on the edge we know where we stand and who we are. We define, for ourselves, in that moment what is right or wrong.

    How else can we do it?

    We can choose to be limited and safe or suffer the consequences of trying something new.

    A new way of thinking is always on the cusp of erupting.

    If everyone did it would you? If everyone did it, that would be a movement, then you’d have to do something different.





    Read, share and support this independent essay and let me know what you think. Long-form writing is not dead and ideas are worth spreading. Support independent journalism and enjoy it.

    You can read the essay here.

    The photo set is an homage to trail-running. It is not breaking any rules, but the spirit of taking off with nothing but shoes is one way to come close to the edge of understanding.The final photo is of Andrew Forsthoefel. He was recently featured on This American Life and he was the catalyst for this essay.


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