1. Damyang

    Damyang is known for it’s bamboo, Sequoias, and noodles. It is very close to Gwangju and a bus will have you there in a half hour. It is a quiet little town with a great bike path along the river. The bike path continues along the river through Gwangju and then onto Mokpo on the southern coast.

    We rented a tandem bike and we used it to explore along the river bank. A short ride will bring you into endless stretches of farmland; a very welcome sight coming from the city. Women could be seen under umbrellas picking vegetables off of the bike path. Nice and slow-paced.

    After the bike ride we had some “famous” noodles. Everywhere in Korea is famous for something. We sat on an elevated bamboo platform and ate them overlooking the river.

    A really neat cafe and gallery sits across the river from “Noodle Street” and it is worth the look. 

    Damyang is a great escape and worth a Sunday afternoon.

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