1. The Stilts- redrawn and thicker for some sweet tee’s to come your way really soon!


  2. themildrevolution:

    The “7 For 7” Series: Part 2

    "Bad Design" By The Mild Revolution



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    This song will make your guts hurt. For real.

    Love it.


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    "7 for 7 PART 1: 

    "The Western Side in War" By The Mild Revolution is available for free download @ www.purevolume.com/themildrevolution

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    nice return to form.

  4. Uh-oh, here we go again…


    9/29 @ 8 pm


  5. Nasty stash.

  6. The Stilts

    Live at Beatnik’s 7/26

    Worcester, MA

    8 pm

    Be there.

  7. The Stilt’s Summer Tour.

  8. Kid Mountain- Happies


  9. Kid Mountain- Happies


    Based out of Boston and Providence, Kid Mountain has put together an album unlike much else I have heard; local or not. There is definitely a cohesive sound unifying the album that creates something joyous and almost primitive all at once. The instruments all retain a certain clarity to them with heavy reverb and subtle echo being the only discernible sounds being used over crisp Fender tones. This is an album worth repeating and it is a band I am even more excited to see again live.

    While they sounded great at The Columbus Theatre, I see them as more of a dancing experience.

    Check out their music, particularly the album Happies with our friends over at Bandcamp.* You can stream and buy the album Happies here.



    Great echo-y guitars. Chanting vocals nice. Very enticing beginning. Man that background singer gets up there. Those drums slid in just right; now back to the guitar vocals. Weow-oo’s make me want to shake my legs. Great drum beat. Very minimalist with the guitar. Rusted Root-ish in some ways. Very rolling song. Came in waves and left the same way. Like a tide.

    No Place

    Syncopated beginning into great strummy verse. Nice strat riff there. Great driving verse. Vocals very easy going. Head bobbing on this one. I dig that high trilling riff. Now a one-chord build into some ooh’s this is a hot one. I could see myself dancing to this one. They were great at the Columbus Theatre, but seats are no way to experience these cuts. Bass solo to end it! Bingo!

    Kinda Strange

    Nice riff to start things off. Building moment into some hypnotic vocals. Nice break with those high harmonies. “Get togetha with ma friends…” back to the 80s with that one Zen-master. “Swim in the river where the children go.” Oohh banan-banan-na-na into a trippy descending riff with those ooh’s in the back, take notes on this breakdown and master of syncopated strums into the descending riff again. So unique. Back to the verse. No just guitar and vocals, drums back, background vocals in full swing. This song feels like a waterfall. A fucking waterfall.

    Take Your Legs

    Bass, drum intro with some light keys thrown on top. Those gang vocals don’t quit. In it to win it. Bum-bum-bum. Then the echo-y strat makes a comeback. Nice buildup here with palm muting. “Hey surrounded now…” NICE STOP back into the game! The music dances through like a dream or something. It makes a backdrop for looking out the window…which I was just doing.

    Happy Lappies

    Happy lapping into a new tune. Fun harmonies here with that bouncing bass line. Plays in well to the guitar riffs on the chorus. A lot going on in this one…two, three guitars all-riffing! What is this Judas Priest? BASS SOLO! And everything back. We all liked that. It’s music I would imagine kids making if they were stranded on a mountain with instruments. Finally, keyboard solo. Double chord break. NICE JAM SESSION HERE! Hip-hop drumbeat over little rambling riffs…no clear soloist here. Digging this breakdown…see you on the other side. This is what it’s all about. This should be a garage band loop. Minimal effects and a little tambo.



    Bur Hubur

    Maine is my jam! This is what summer is all about in my mind; I’m having more a flashback listening to this song than actually hearing it. But, it’s got a sweet little keyboard line there. Whistling? Love it. A little bit Capcom at points, especially the buildup to the main riff after the verse. Very danceable. This song definitely has me guessing, nice stop back into the verse. Picking it up with the vocals and those crash cymbals. Bring it home Kidz! Now just keys and vocals. LOVE IT! This track is it. BOOM. Done! Perfect ending.

    New Hat

    A little summer punk. Very catchy verse and accompanying riff. Nothing like a straightforward rock song with hooks to bring it all back together. Extra guitar out of nowhere! Nice breakdown here. BIG BUILDUP. Great double vocals….and a nice ending riff there. These guys have their shit together. No doubt.


    What a place. Slowing things down a notch? Sure, why not. This is friggin’ Kid Mountain! Anything goes. A little tambourine hit, very subtle, goes nice with the full on guitar riffing I hear. Dare I say instrumental? Like floating on a river. In fact one time I did go swimming on a river in Vermont and this might have been in my head. Cool jam with an ambiguous quiet ending. Very mysterious, very Vermont, very porch door.

    Laughing All Your Laughs Out

    A little throwback to Shake Your Sillies Out. I hear the reference loud and clear. Buildup riff supported by some ooh’s and ringing chords at the end. “Sigh with the crickets”…any day my man. Nice background oh’s on second verse with that little rhythmic touch. The drums accenting all the right places. Everyone in on this instrumental;, ooh’s part. Solo guitar with nice lead bit falling over it. A little Graceland era Paul Simon there. Nice meet-up here with the instruments. Just ends…I missed it, I was munching on a Ritz.


    Acoustic makes an appearance. Nice oh’s, reminds me of Rubblebucket…another good band. Also, those chords are very dramatic. Sounds good, sounds spacey. Those oh’s go way up! Ends with them! Bingo. Solid.



    *I have no friends at Bandcamp, nor am I a “we”.

  10. The Adjuncts’ Great Northern Rhode Island Tour

    Thanks for coming!

    You can hear some live cuts here.

  11. Salvi’s Traditional Sign Painting

    You’ve probably seen his work around.

    He’s prolific.

    Popping up in all different pockets of Providence, Jayson Michael Salvi has been bringing flavor to area local businesses with one-of-a-kind signs that reflect both the originality of the artist and the business all at once. A Mile and a Quarter, Rogue Island, Trinity Brewery and the design offices at 204 Westminster are just some of the businesses that have seen Salvi’s artwork brought to life. Making a working artist model all his own, Salvi has been out in the community painting out a modest living while providing small businesses with a sign unlike anything else in the city.

    Earlier this week I sat down for a phone interview with Jayson. It was a bright, summer afternoon and he was speaking to me in-transit in Downcity Providence enjoying the day and immediately jumping into his thoughts on what is necessary to be a working artist in Providence. Without the artist co-ops of Boston or New York at their disposal, artists in Providence are forced to be their own marketing department and just seeing what’s going on downtown is one of the best ways to network. As Salvi told me, it’s all about knowing you’re neighbors, building a community and just letting people know what you do and what you can bring to their business.

    In the case of Salvi’s Traditional Sign Painting his model of getting out from behind the computer and out on the street has really paid off. All over Providence, Salvi has been turning sign making into the event it should be. He shows up to a job in just regular clothes with no stencils or projectors and he just gets to work the old fashioned way, with rulers, pencils and paintbrushes on whatever surface he has to work with. Through what I’d call long-form performance art, hand-painting a sign turns a job into an event. People walk by and ask questions or simply watch him work and inevitably, they learn about not only what he does, but what the business is all about as well.

    Jayson offers something to businesses that cannot be replicated. He makes no stencils to work from; he has no projector to trace images from. It is art that is intended for a specific space and time that reflects the intentions of the business. The art of sign-painting is singular in the way it serves a very specific and important purpose of giving people an image to associate a business with that will stick in their minds. Interacting with business owners, deciding on a design for the sign, creating the sign on site and allowing people on the street to see the whole process brings a sense of community to a project and business that creating a design on an office computer, printing it on plastic and putting it up in a matter of minutes can never achieve.

    Jayson Salvi is a man of big ideas for the Providence art scene and he would love to see art cooperatives spring up in the city with artists ditching their territorial leanings in favor of a more communal approach to helping each other market their work to the community. But, for now he is starting with what works for him: getting out in the city, meeting people face to face and offering them a sign unlike any other. One look around the city shows, he’s on the right track.

    To paraphrase Salvi echoing the words of sign-makers of old:

    A business with no sign is a sign of no business.

    Be sure to ask businesses if their signs are hand-painted by Salvi and check out his work downcity. Rogue Island, Trinity Brewery, A Mile and a Quarter, the just finished Rooftop at the Providence G and many others would no doubt appreciate the business.

    To get in touch with Jayson Michael Salvi about signs or to see his projects be sure to visit his website:


  12. The Adjuncts

    as220stage tonight 9 pm sharp. 

    Enjoy this old poster and try to make it out there!

  13. The Stilts.


  14. The ‘Mericans


  15. The ‘Mericans- A Tribute to Providence

    This was a two cups of coffee review.

    The album A Tribute to Providence is the latest release from the Providence band The ‘Mericans. In the Americana style rock that typifies the band, they plow through a who’s who of Providence indie bands from the 80s until now. The album proved to be a very enjoyable listen and I found myself enjoying the songs I did not know the original versions of more so than the one’s I did. It becomes just a compare/ contrast listen if I know it, but for the one’s I didn’t know, I was able to listen to it based on what The “Mericans brought to it free of expectations. 

    The big takeaway: Throw this in the CD player and drive to the beach. 

    To listen and download a FREE copy of the album visit The ‘Merican’s website and get one.

    Also, be sure to catch them on August 1st with Sleeper Agent as part of the WBRU Summer Concert Series.


    For When You Cannot Land- Small Factory

    Starts off with a bang of driving guitar chords and drums. No frills, no leads, just the driving verse chords into chorus. Vocals peek out, nice subtle background vocals. Catchy chorus, very REM background vocals. Being a cover album of largely RI 90’s scene bands, it is no wonder this has a throwback sound. “Can’t tell it’s Christmas anymore…what if I got sick…” some lyrics that stuck out. Total “whatever” nineties attitude on those lead vocals. Slackjaw. Fuzzed out lead line behind “try to say it again.” Nice ending. Solo ending, nice touch. 

    Yellow Fields- Roz and the Rice Cakes

    Unlike the last song, I know this Roz tune. Re-imagined with a Cure-like moan-type vocal. Nice little guitar bend on that “no, no, no” part. I hear you. The oo’s casually picking up more echo. None of that country picking on the start of the second verse. Turns a bit more moody, until this “no, no, no” part. A little spacey. Going out with the oo’s.

    On a side note, I have never heard the original versions of many of these songs. So I am treating them as if they are The ‘Mericans.

    Something- Scarce

    Sad lyrics, but nice vocal melody over ringing chords. Nineties build on this prechorus. “Wish I was something.” Whatever man. Drums over the ringing chords. This one is hitting me with a similar Cure-like vocal sound…Cure sound to an extent as well. “Life comes crawling by…” I wish I was something too. Going out with that mantra, drums really picking up some good steam at that outro.

    Honeychain- Throwing Muses

    Digging this verse riff and into the prechorus. I am digging that! Just one droning note with vocals and drums. Good stuff. “Easy” any song with that word in it is great. Back to that “Why’d you stay that way so long part.” Good stuff. Sweet little descending, reverb drenched guitar lick over those splashy drums. This song is a sweet one. That vocal guitar riff really carries through the verse. “Please don’t stay that ay so long…maybe?” I’d have to fact check those lyrics. But, I won’t. The two chord interlude with that descending slice of reverb riff is what it’s all about. Keeping it going, nice and long. Solid ending.

    Winter Island- Allysen Callery

    Old school sea-shanty, folk vibe with kind of a snarling vocal. These guys strike me as Wilco in more ways than one. They have that straight forward American rootsy-bootsy feel all within a relm that gets into muddy, tweedy tubes on the far left and acoustic guitar with reverb accompaniment on the far right (assuming I put those on the correct ends of the political spectrum). I’m digging these howls. I love group vocals and that swelling, sustained lead behind the acoustic works really well, just approaching distortion at that Apoint. Nice ending. To the point, succinct, solid song.

    Time Wraps Around You- Velvet Crush

    Compared to the last one, this straight forward pop song feels pretty good. Like a sip of lemonade or something. Bubbly riff, vocal melody straight out of the 60s. Rocking solo. Singing of the summer of love…my 60s reference sticks. That 90s vibe permeates big time here. It feels suddenly relevant. This would be a great driving mix to head to and from ‘Gansett…to stay in Roz’s parent’s beachhouse. You bet I read the Phoenix!

    Country Boy- Miracle Legion

    REM rip off. Everything about it. Not saying its bad….but it just is. I find my mind wondering during this song, its more of a feeling song. It has some good standout lyrics…”dollhouse to stand up in”…. “stick to you like glue until my arms fall off” ….good imagery helps add to this sort of ambient 90s atmosphere where I feel like I’m a teen driving down a country road, disobeying my parents before they had a cell phone to reach me with…this song would be playing, I’d be wearing sunglasses, my hair would be long and it’s be a convertible…top down.

    20 Miles- Deer Tick

    A tune I know and love “deer-ly”. This time lacking the chicken picking of fingerpicks on Fender opting instead for strumming acoustic and more of a sweep type thing on the lead. Kept the choral background vocals. Some great lyrics in this tune. Black Dirt Sessions is definitely the Deer Tick at their best. This version makes it a bit more poppy in some ways, but retains the core vibe of the song and I dig it all the same. Extended outro chorus.

    Exploded View- Death Vessel

    Nice solo, echoed guitar and vocal intro. Keep a beat drums kind of get on my nerves though. In my opinion, drums have to work the hardest to be the most original, but it totally makes the song. Solid guitar solo, but a little unnecessary. The chorus has some chops, but this one kind of sticks me as a good folk song with too many instruments on it.

    Embrace the Train- The Figgs

    Gets you going on the intro. Digging this verse. “Knee-ee-ees” cool. Nice 4/4 to 2/4 chorus. “Even when I’m happy, I look to start a fire” good stand out lyrics here. This song has the feel of an original. Many of these seem very natural for The ‘Mericans to play. I keep seeing myself driving with this album. I can’t help it.

    Thought: If I am hearing a version of a song for the first time, does it become the original version for me? I will be forever basing the song as I hear it here rather than on the original.



    X-Ray- Non-Pareils

    Happy go lucky one here. “That’s enough to make me trip over my eyeline….” Good lyric if I heard it right. So many bands in Rhode Island sounded like REM.

    Apothecary Love- The Low Anthem

    Great version of this one, with the gritty guitar and duel vocals right off the bat. This one I am appreciating as it’s own version rather than comparing it to the original. Guitar solo, very fitting, nice repeating lick to the high notes post fret twelve. The group vocals on the chorus sound fantastic. Taking a simple folk ditty and rounding it out into the 2am closer at a bar. Everyone in on the chorus, glasses held high.

    Bar Blues No. 1- Ben Pilgrim

    Off to a nice start here. Nice, almost whimsical vocals. Kind of soothing. I am a big fan of bands that can embrace minimalism. It’s nice to just hear the two guitars and harmonized vocals. “I want to go somewhere, no one knows. I do so much better on my own.” Sometimes you just got to stop and listen to what the words say. Harmonica is always welcome. This song is really sticking out to me here. Well done. Simple, just the vocals, acoustic and those nice accented chords from the electric. There’s a nice subtle wood block or something in the back. They are really making this one their own. “I feel more alone with others here.”

    It’s kind of neat covering the not-so-distant past like this. It’s speaking to the immediate forefathers to the scene we have in front of us.

    Aching Heart- Brother Kite

    “We’ve been waiting on the aching heart.” Great drums on this intro. Harmonies are tight in there with the beat. I’d be happy if the song stayed like this. This is kick ass. Snuck in the beat on that chorus line. Keeping the droning chords though. Back to the “We’ve been waiting…” verse. Tight ending! That song was it.

    Tracks 13 to 14 will now be called the double team.

    Radio to Saturn…- Hydrogen Terrors

    Hold the phone! “Radio to Saturn….Man!” I’d act over it if I was in the scene…but I wouldn’t be. They really transform on this one. Sounds purely original. A “ha ha ha” outro.

    Tapeworm- Honeybunch

    “In another life this would all work out right”. I have some serious swimmer’s ear. This is annoying. I missed a great deal of this song playing with my ear, but I have to power on! No exceptions. I let the record play. This one sounds pretty good, standard. But, compared to the 1, 2, 3 punch before it, it pales. Good ending though!

    May Your Heart Keep Beating- Raindogs

    Sounds like the 80s. Raindogs is a pretty good name. Good traveling song or perhaps the intro to a sitcom starring Kevin James. It has the feeling of “Takin’ Care of Business.” At their core, these two songs give me the same sense of mundane triumph that comes with simply waking up and doing stuff for the day before hitting the pillow again. “I used to run for miles myself…” Why’d you stop? Very melodic solo, very singable…and it ends the song.

    Forces- String Builder

    Carry On by CSN. But, right where I expect to hear, “one morning, I woke up…” it’s something completely different. I like the short verses that cut in and go back to that main riff. I have to continue to hand it to this band, these covers sound like they come from an original place. I’m spacing out a bit listening to this one. Overall, it’s just a pleasant track to listen to. Not much to sing lyrically. It just flowed by. I ended up staring at the cover artwork for the album most of the time. It was very good.

    Pawtucket- Purple Ivy Shadows

    A cover of a Chris Daltry original! Look out! A worm hole has opened up! Just kidding. I never heard the original version, but this one sounds pretty fresh. Definitely a bit on the moody side, but is everything rainbows and roses? No! But, with a name like “Pawtucket” I was expecting a raunchy, “Dirty Water-esque” tribute song. I like this surprise more.

    If I Could Write…” Fern Knight

    Just acoustic with a deeply echoed and surging backup vocal along with that droning electric, very brooding and so slow. This song is sooo slow. I’m spacing out again under this ceiling fan. It went out with a whisper.

    There are two kinds of albums: One’s that go out with a party and one’s that go out with a whisper.